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Binghamton's Finest Bubble Tea

Freshly Brewed Daily on the Binghamton University Campus

Taste Paradise

Juice Teas

Bursting with exotic flavors from Passionfruit to Dragonfruit, our refreshing juice teas are a perfect treat for any day. Pair an ice cold cup with our popular lychee jelly for a perfect combination!

Taste Paradise

Milk Teas

Crafted with a blend of lactose free creamer mixed with a rich tea base, our milk teas deliver a perfectly balanced creamy flavor. Enjoy the floral notes of our Rose Milk Tea, try the full bodied taste of our Thai Iced Tea, or stick to a classic black milk tea!

Taste Paradise

Iced Teas & Lattes

Try our new oat milk matcha latte, or stick to our classic iced teas for a simple yet tasty pick me up!


We're passionate about what we craft, and this only pushes us in the pursuit of better quality and service. Keep your eyes open for new products and improvements!

Premium Quality

Our recipes are the result of 5 months of development, not all-in-one drink powders. The secret behind our drinks is simple: we source the best quality ingredients available to brew, craft, and sell the finest tea.

People First

Our growing community of customers is important to us. We strive to provide the best quality while remaining transparent and open to the thoughts of customers like you.


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Countless Happy Sips

Not many places can get the real tea flavor and this place does it super well. The owner is super friendly and definitely made me want to come back for another. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the Binghamton area.

Patrick Y

So freakin' good. The jellies were the perfect consistency and the flavors were spot on. Come to this new bubble tea place if you love good beverages!

Katie M

That rose milk tea is HITTIN

Anonymous YikYak

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